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1. We pay for the domain name and the hosting account.

2. All the payments are directly reimbursed to you through your paypal or any other payment gateway. If you don't have an active payment gateway we can process your payments for an additional 4.5% and send you a check within 15 days after the order is shipped.

3. Our initial websites are built on a standard platform. We continue to add new interactive features to make the site more user friendly based on the sales generated from the site.

4. We always recommend to merge your existing site with our site as this will help you manage all your orders and products through one system . This is will also give us confidence in promoting your product. This is a business partnership and we wish to prosper together.

5. All payment transactions are processed through our secured server system to give the customer a better sense of security.

+ Advantage

Most of the account termination occur due to some clients encouraging their customers placing orders through mail , phone or by going to their other website.

Delay of commission payments more than one week from the due date also result in account termination.

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Check list of products & Services that are NOT ALLOWED TO BE LISTED IN OUR SITE.

Webmaster Advantage

All our partner sites are developed by our in house team of experienced programmers 

Our team has every determination needed to come up with a solution for your business needs. We rely on your valuable feedback and our strong technical expertise. 

Dedicated Team

Site promotion and marketing 

We promote all our partner sites in all major search engines and directories, both through organic and pay-per-click methods. We sent newsletter blast to the customers informing them about new deals and products.

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Redirecting your current website to the newly developed site 

If you have a current website and do not have any webmaster to take care of your site you can redirect your site to our newly developed site. 80% of our partners have merged their existing site with our site.

This will not only eliminate your cost of maintaining and updating your website but will unify all your orders coming from one site. The choice is yours, we don't have any mandatory rule for this right now.




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